Put chickpea in a bowl and fold it with water and leave it for the next day.
Then cut the onions and put them in a great deal with a little butter and salt on medium fire until the onion fades
Add the meat to the onion and black pepper and move it to the color, then add only a liter of water and leave it on fire for about 20 minutes.
After making sure that the meat is ripe we add the chickpea after it was filtered from the water.
The tomato is in the blender until it becomes a sauce and then we add it to the mixture of meat and chickpea and make the saffron and move well.
In half a liter of residual water melt flour and tomato paste and add them to the mixture with constant stirring until the mixture intensifies
Add coriander and noodles to the kitten and leave it on a quiet fire five minutes until the noodles mature
The kitten is in small destinies and is made of parsley and is ready for submission.